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Thorough Macular Degeneration Treatment in Chula Vista

macular degeneration test
Macular degeneration affects some 10 million Americans. It’s the leading cause of vision loss for persons age 50 and older. There are two basic types: dry (atrophic or non-neovascular) and wet (neovascular). Dry macular degeneration is by far the most common type, where vision loss occurs because of the breakdown of cells in the macula. In wet macular degeneration, rogue blood vessels under the retina may leak fluid and blood. Another form of macula degeneration is Stargardt disease, a condition that occurs in young people because of a recessive gene. Our staff at the offices of Dr. Evans and Dr. Carter Optometry want you to understand the facts so we can team up to provide you with the best care, refractive surgery and lenses possible in Chula Vista and El Cajon.

A Comprehensive Eye Exam Can Help Detect Stargardt Disease

A thorough eye exam is key to the diagnosis of AMD and recommendation of treatment options. Symptoms are not always evident to the patient, so an optometrist may look for the following:
  • Visual acuity - This is the standard “eye chart” test to check your vision at varying distances.
  • Amsler grid - This is a way to examine your central vision to check for AMD.
  • Dilated exam - We’ll dilate your pupils to get a better look at the backs of your eyes. Using a magnifying lens, an optometrist will look for symptoms of eye disease.
  • Fluorescein angiogram -  Injecting a small amount of dye into the arm and waiting for that color to appear in the optical area can reveal leaking blood vessels.

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If you’re farsighted, concerned about eye disease or interested in Lasik surgery, we’d be happy to help you. We have offices in Chula Vista and El Cajon and can be reached at 619-422-5361.


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