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6 Reasons Not to Rub Your Eyes


Rubbing your eyes may seem harmless, but this innocent motion can actually lead to eye health conditions and even vision changes. In this blog, we list six reasons you shouldn't rub your eyes and what you can do to avoid rubbing.

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Five Tips for Smudge-Free, Super Clean Lenses


A streak or smudge in the middle of your lenses can distracting and annoying. If you're like many bespectacled folks, you probably pop off your glasses and try to wipe them clean with your shirt when that happens. Unfortunately, this strategy is far from foolproof, and in many cases, it makes the lenses even dirtier.

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Corneal Ulcers: Protect Your Eyes From Them


Your eyes allow you to see the world in many different ways, including the unique colors of flowers and the distinct features of your loved ones. To help you accomplish these things, your eyes depend on corneas to bend light and keep out contaminants. Conditions such as corneal ulcers can distort the things you see over time. Ulcers are open sores, cuts, and abrasions that form on the surfaces of your corneas.

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