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Puffy, Red Eyes: Here's How You Help Them Recover at Night

If your eyes tend to turn red and puff up, even after getting five or six hours of sleep each night, make a few changes in your life. Although it may not seem like it right now, you may not be getting enough sleep at night to keep your eyes healthy. Sleep allows your body to heal from stress, illness, and infection, including your eyes.
In addition to not getting enough sleep at night, what you do before you actually go to bed may affect your eyes. Using electronic devices to browse the Internet or text friends at night can cause problems with your eyes by exposing them to bright light.
By making a few simple changes at night, you can keep your eyes from turning red and puffing up. Here's what you do.
Tweak Your Bedtime Schedule
One of the problems many adults face is a lack of sleep. Insufficient sleep not only affects how well you function the next day, but it can also take a toll on your eyes. Like many other tissues in your body, the cells in your eyes repair themselves overnight. If you retire to bed late every night, you don't allow your eyes time to recover.
Tired eyes can become irritated and red. Your eyelids may also swell with fluids when you're exhausted. Since the tissues in and around your eyes are thin, these symptoms can show up more when you don't get enough rest.
Instead of retiring to bed late, make an effort to turn in at an earlier time. Adults over 18 years of age need about seven to nine hours of sound sleep a night. Older adults may need more, depending on their overall mental and physical health. You'll need to retire to bed at the same time each night for the best results.
If you're in doubt about how much sleep to get each night, ask an eye doctor for guidance.
Massage Your Eyes
If you use electronic devices like a tablet at night, you may want to stop. The high-energy light produced by your devices may disrupt your ability to sleep at night and affect the health of your eyes. Some sources reveal that the light of electronic devices may lead potentially lead to macular degeneration, a disease that affects the retina.
One of the things you might do is massage the tissues around your eyes to help them relax. Massage allows fresh blood to circulate to the external and internal tissues of your eyes. Good eye circulation keeps your eyes well oxygenated and nourished, which your cells need to fight exhaustion, disease, and other problems.
Because the tissues around your eyes are delicate, avoid using mechanical or electrical devices to perform your massage. You can use the pads of your fingertips and a few drops of coconut oil instead. You also want to warm the oil between the palms of your hands before you apply it to your eyes' tissues. The warmth may help improve circulation in your skin.
After you warm up the oil, gently place the pads of the fingertips below your lower eyelids. Glide your fingertips upward until you reach the outer corners of your eyes. Move your fingertips to the area above your eyebrows until the fingertips of both hands meet in the center of your eyes. You can repeat the massage as many times as you feel comfortable doing so. 
If none of the tips above help your eyes feel or look better, contact the specialists at the Chula Vista Vision Care Center. You may need a detailed eye exam and treatment to improve your condition.