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Skilled Blepharitis Optometrist in Chula Vista

blepharitis treatment
Blepharitis is a form of inflammation that can cause red bumps or scarring on the eyelids, excess tearing, dry eyes and, on occasion, corneal infections. It occurs because of oil gland production clogging. Although the condition is often chronic, the good news is that it’s not contagious and usually doesn’t cause permanent vision problems. Our staff at Dr. Evans and Dr. Carter in Chula Vista can help you understand the condition, its symptoms and what your blepharitis treatment options are. The following is a differentiation of its two distinct forms:
  • Anterior blepharitis occurs on the eyelid where the eyelashes attach, the outside. Bacteria and scalp dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis) are common causes.
  • Posterior blepharitis affects the portion of the eyelid that makes contact with the eye, its inside. Common causes include acne and scalp dandruff.

Symptoms and Treatment

Light sensitivity, burning sensations, itchiness, swollen eyelids, crusty eyelashes after sleep, frothy tears and blurry vision can all be signs of the condition. Recommended treatment is generally a routine that begins with using a heated pad to warm the area around the eyes. From there, loose crusts can be removed by lightly scrubbing the eyelids. A wet cotton swab and a little baby shampoo help keep irritation at a minimum. In chronic cases, symptoms can come and go, making it necessary for the patient to keep up with a robust home hygiene routine. In severe cases, a prescription of antibiotics or steroid eye drops may be offered. Patients who suffer from acne should treat that condition as well, to ensure those oils do not continue contributing to problems on and around the eyelids.

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If you suspect a problem with blepharitis or macular degeneration, we’d be happy to schedule you for an exam. We are conveniently located in El Cajon and Chula Vista and can be reached by phone at 619-422-5361.


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